Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gravity Bikes, What's getting me started?

For the past few weeks I've been building my own personal Gravity Powered Bicycle. Until a few weeks ago I had never seen a gravity bike or even heard of one. So what got me started building one and got me so obsessed to go out and make a blog about them?
Recently while at the bike shop I work at my boss was talking to a couple kids that go to the local College he noticed that one of them was holding a longboard. So he commented on it and brought up the fact that he thought they weren't his style but he had a GPV that he made in the early 80's. Neither of them knew what a GPV was and I had no Idea either so off he went to retrieve it from the stores basement. After a minute or two he resurfaced with on of the most interesting bikes I've seen. He called it his Basin Racer basically he used an upside down BMX frame, some MAG wheels, and some very interesting modifications to various other bike parts. After he demonstrated how he road it and telling us his fastest time on the bike was 45mph (recorded) I told him that I had to get in on this (being the curious crazy ass that I am). After bringing it back to life with freshly greased bearings and new tire slicks we decided to close the shop early and take it for a spin for the first time in 20 years. We took it out to sandeo hill (the only hill within 20 mins of us) it has about a 5% grade the first run we did my boss hit 40mph and the second run he hit 46mph (beating his previous recorded record). So we went back to the shop and decided that we need to build me one so here I am building my first one to set my own speed records.

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