Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My gravity bike so far

I've started the build on my gravity bike and am planning on riding it for the first time this weekend if all goes as planned and the weather isn't too bad. Anyway I'll give you a little info on how I've been doing my build so far.

Frame - Is a standard BMX frame flipped upside down more specifically it's an old Bronco SE I found in my friends back yard a few months ago. Perfect for a first time gravity bike right? It's a little rusty and has some paint chips in it wouldn't be allowed in an IGSA race but who cares.

Brake Levers - Shimano SLX levers from early ninty's something I found around the shop I work at for cheap.

Brakes - I'll have to check in on the brands but for now two normal rim brakes one on each wheel.

Wheels - Both are front wheels. One is from an old TREK kids bike we found and the back is a bmx wheel a kid gave to the store owner. I inspected both to make sure they ran solid before I put them on. Soon I'll be switching the front wheel for a Nylon Mag for added weight.

Tires - The tires I have on currently are an old pair of Tioga Comp Pool Slicks 20 x 1.75''
Watts measures the rolling resistance that these slicks create at each PSI level. Naturally the higher number of watts is worse.


Stem(s) - I have 2 stems on my bike currently, one to hold the modified handlebars we've made just a standard BMX stem that came on the frame when I found it. The second is an old mountain bike stem that I have put where the seat post use to be so I can put some knee braces on. (fancy huh?).

Handle bars - What we used for the handlebar part was an ape hanger style bmx handlebar we modified the bar by cutting off the top flat crossbar and used just the U part of the bar. Also we modified a set of old drop style road handlebars to create a kneebar to put in the seatpost stem.

Handle Bar Grips - I've decided on going with a set of Primo Martinez grips that I bought a few years back to add some extra comfort to the bars. (animal grips used in bottom pic)

Sorry about shitty quality of the pics I'll get some better pictures as I finish the build.
Extra Specs:
My wheel base (axle to axle) on this bike is at 101cm.
20'' wheels Front and Rear.
First three numbers of serial # are 999 but if read from front of bike it's 666. (good sign right?).

Need to do still list.
Add rear pegs for a place to rest my feet while riding.
Add Primo grips.
Add weight to frame for faster top speed.
Cut kneebar to my liking so I don't have hideous long kneebar.
Paint frame for a more aesthetically pleasing look.
Possibly add seat?


  1. Interesting, my bikes rotten in the backyard right now lol

  2. @dubstep Maybe it's time to break it out. My bike's frame has been sitting around for who know's how long I though it needed a new life.

  3. @moho Wal-Mart bikes aren't always a bad thing. Anybike can be good if it's tuned properly of course I hate working with them because they've already been thrown together but after they leave the store they usually work pretty good! Also if it's a BMX bike you could turn it into a GPV it's definately heavy enough

  4. There's definitely a lot that goes into making a bike or improving one. It was an interesting look into bike modification, I look forward to seeing your post on the test run!

  5. Oh damn. You make we wish to get BMX too.
    Have fun with your bike and post results.

  6. Dude, that is a super sick setup. I have a bike similar to yours and is ridiculous on the dirt. I had to sell mine a few months ago because I am poor =(. Anyways, great blog. I really enjoyed the articles. I will definitely be following you.

  7. Definitely looking for updates on this. We need more pictures and progress!


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    Thanks a lot!

  9. I have a friend who builds her own bikes. It makes me want to build one too, but I won't because it will definitely get stolen over here (4 bikes already).

  10. Very, very cool :)
    I'm at

  11. didnt know people were anal about bikes

  12. Hey, I just wanted to say I think you have a really great plan and I wish you luck!

  13. @calamari thanks I'll definately update all you guys as soon as I get some good leather riding gear!

  14. @Tah_Lehy If you really want to don't just sit around go find a cheap frame maybe check craigslist and find a good deal these bikes are really cheap to build since they can litterally be built out of just old parts.

  15. @DSonora I've seen in south america people use these things off road also I almost shit bricks when I saw that! haha that sucks about the bike though I hope you can get into riding again soon it's really an awesome sport no matter what variety you ride.

  16. @Cameron Wyatt
    @Laura Walters
    thanks it's good to know people enjoy my blog. and I'll definately follow you guys I love reading what other people put on their blogs everythings interesting!

  17. @Boatato try finding a small local bike shop the one I work with has a few old bikes that we sell cheap because they're beat up usually people wouldn't steal one of them.

  18. @yoda When you're only 2 feet off the ground traveling at 40+mph you really have to be I've spent alot of time on the tune for this bike I don't want it to fall apart on me if I'm on the highway! haha

  19. @duquem421 thanks man I appreciate the support!